MEHWA / 梅花
‘MEHWA’ (梅花) comes from the Korean word ‘매화’, which means ‘plum blossom’. This tumblr is a platform for Korean arts, literature/poetry and culture - as well as other cultures of personal interest to me, such as Tibet and China. Enjoy, and please reblog :)
MEHWA / 梅花

Draft of “Sheep in Fog” by Sylvia Plath
Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms.
"I said to myself, This is my job now, I’m a writer, and that means I have to write regularly and not just when I feel like it."
Emmanuel Carrère (via theparisreview)

David Ignatow, The Art of Poetry No. 23
Ink and wash painting on rice paper by South Korean artist, Park Kaesook 
Azaleas, Kim So Wol
Lust, Caution - Eileen Chang

"Inwangjesaekdo" (인왕제색도 [仁王霽色圖]) or "After Rain at Mt. Inwang", painted in 1751 by Jeong Seon, a Korean painter from Joseon Dynasty.
"귀촉도(歸蜀途), 서정주"

The path my love took is speckled with tears.

Playing his flute, he began the long journey

to western realms, where azalea rains fall.

Dressed all in white so neat, so neat,

my love’s journey’s too long, he’ll never return.

I might have tressed shoes or sandals of straw

woven strand by strand with all our sad story.

Cutting off my poor hair with a silver blade,

I might have used that to weave sandals for him.

In the weary night sky, as silk lanterns glow,

a bird sings laments that it cannot contain,

refreshing its voice in the Milky Way’s meanders;

eyes closed, intoxicated with its own blood.

My dear, gone to heaven’s end alone!




눈물 아롱아롱

피리 불고 가신 님의 밟으신 길은

진달래 꽃비 오는 서역 삼만리.

흰 옷깃 여며 여며 가옵신 님의

다시 오진 못하는 파촉 삼만 리.

신이나 삼아 줄걸, 슬픈 사연의

올올이 아로 새긴 육날메투리.

은장도 푸른 날로 이냥 베어서

부질없는 이 머리털 엮어 드릴걸.

초롱에 불빛 지친 밤하늘

굽이 굽이 은핫물 목이 젖은 새

차마 아니 솟는 가락 눈이 감겨서

제 피에 취한 새가 귀촉도 운다.

그대 하늘 끝 호올로 가신 님아

Nightingale, So Chong-ju (1948)


Shen ~ spirit.
Handground, bottle mix on Japanese paper (Okawara) 4 seals, via bodysshufa flickr